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Nous tenons à remercier les professionnels qui ont accepté de nous consacrer de leur temps, qui nous ont fait part leurs expériences et observations des transformations managériales actuelles.

Nous remercions l’équipe de Hervé Thermique, chez qui Michel Hervé, Charles Brel, Francky Lelouvier et Vincent Cau ont joué le jeu de répondre à nos questions, ainsi que l’équipe de Poult, où Camille Panassié, Alexandre Dandan, Maria Condez et Didier Hirtzig se sont mobilisé pour nous. Un grand merci aussi à Jacques Isnard de GT Location qui a partagé avec nous sa vision de l’organisation agile, ainsi que Richard Collin et Yves Duron de NeXTmodernity, Kelly Wolske de Zappos, Cecil Dijoux d’Operae Partners et Margaux Chiquet de iGi Partners


Grâce à vous, nous avons mieux compris les changements organisationnels en action aujourd’hui et nous apprenons à penser l’entreprise autrement.

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New Hope for Pollen, Milk Allergies

Walk 18, 2009 (Washington, D.C.) — Whether you’re unfavorably susceptible to dust or nourishment, offer assistance is on the skyline.

Specialists report early victory with a modern approach that abbreviates the course of sensitivity shots for individuals unfavorably susceptible to ragweed and grass. Other analysts found that an exploratory skin fix may offer assistance children who have drain sensitivities.

Other dairy-allergic children are profiting from a irrational treatment in which patients swallow minor sums of the exceptionally nourishment they are unfavorably susceptible to. It’s the same approach that’s being utilized effectively in children with shelled nut hypersensitivities.

Other analysts report that putting drops or tablets beneath the tongue may sometime in the not so distant future conclusion the require for troublesome shots in a few individuals unfavorably susceptible to dust and tidy bugs.

All the medications are varieties of what specialists call immunotherapy — the thought that giving little sums of an allergen to individuals with dust or nourishment sensitivities makes a difference to construct up the resistant framework so they can endure much higher sums some time recently having an unfavorably susceptible response.

The modern medications were talked about at the yearly assembly of the American Foundation of Hypersensitivity, Asthma and Immunology.

A Shorter Course of Sensitivity Shots

Four preseasonal week by week hypersensitivity shots may diminish sniffling, wheezing, and other indications in individuals who are unfavorably susceptible to ragweed, says Harold B. Kaiser, MD, an allergist at the College of Minnesota.

“The thought is to construct up the same safe assurance you get from customary treatment, which comprises of eight, 10, indeed 20 shots both some time recently and all through hypersensitivity season,” he tells WebMD.

The unused consider included 381 individuals with ragweed dust hypersensitivities. Almost two-thirds gotten four shots of Pollinex Quattro each week over a four-week period driving up to ragweed season. The rest got fake treatment infusions on the same plan.

Members who took Pollinex Quattro detailed altogether less indications and taking essentially less hypersensitivity pharmaceutical amid the three crest weeks of ragweed season than those given fake treatment, Kaiser says.

There were no genuine side effects, but a number of patients pulled back from the ponder since of redness and swelling close the infusion location.

More consider is required, but the trust is that less shots will work “as great or superior than ordinary treatment, with less specialist visits and way better compliance,” Kaiser says.

In a partitioned think about of about 900 individuals with regular grass dust sensitivities, those who gotten four preseasonal shots of Pollinex Quattro rested more soundly, had less nasal clog, and for the most part felt way better, compared with patients given fake treatment.

A representative for Sensitivity Therapeutics, which makes Pollinex Quattro and financed the ponders, tells WebMD that the company hopes to apply for FDA endorsement of the item within the another year. They have as of now connected for endorsement within the European Union.

Skin Fix for Drain Sensitivities

Eight of 13 children with dairy sensitivities who wore a skin fix for three months may drink three times as much drain as some time recently without appearing signs of an unfavorably susceptible response, reports Christophe Dupont, MD, PhD, of Hopital Holy person Vincent de Paul in Paris.

None of the seven children given a fake treatment fix appeared that much expanded resistance, he says.

The exploratory skin fix, which is coated with cow’s drain powder, was put on the children’s backs each other day. It’s called Viaskin and is made by DBV Advances, which supported the inquire about.

One child may drink about three glasses of drain after three months of treatment, Dupont says. Others built sufficient resistance to anticipate unfavorably susceptible responses in case they ate nourishments that contained follow sums of milk proteins.

Dupont says that a major advantage of the fix over sensitivity shots is merely can expel it in case somebody endures an unfavorably susceptible response.

Wesley Burks, MD, chief of the division of pediatric hypersensitivity and immunology at Duke College Restorative Center, tells WebMD that the approach is promising, but that more thinks about looking at its security are required. Burks was not included with the ponder.

Verbal Immunotherapy for Children With Drain Hypersensitivities

Other analysts are taking after 15 children who effectively completed a course of verbal immunotherapy in which they built up resistance by gulping modest but raising measurements of drain protein within the frame of powder blended with water.

Four months after ceasing treatment, five of the 15 proceed to drink at slightest two 8-ounce glasses of drain a day, says Satya Narisety, MD, of Johns Hopkins School of Pharmaceutical.

The other children are enduring an ounce of drain a day on normal, he says.

“Even after ceasing treatment, they’re still able to have drain in their diet,” he tells WebMD.

The capture: Numerous still have minor signs of unfavorably susceptible response, such as tingling on the lip or tongue or mellow stomach hurts, around once a week or each other week.

“The responses are to a great extent unusual, in spite of the fact that they are going down in frequency,” Narisety says.

Under-the-Tongue Approach

Other analysts are considering sublingual immunotherapy, or Opening, which includes setting drops or tablets that contain little sums of an allergen beneath the tongue. A few studies presented at the assembly recommend the approach is secure and may lighten indications in individuals with dust and tidy bug sensitivities.

But not all the news is nice: Still other specialists found that Opening may not work that well for individuals who are unfavorably susceptible to more than one sort of dust — ragweed and grass, for case.

“When we gave drops that contain [grass allergen] alone, results were altogether moved forward. But patients given [grass] mixed with nine other extricates didn’t do altogether superior than those given placebo,” says Harold Nelson, MD, of National Jewish Wellbeing in Denver.

The enormous advantage of drops over shots is that you just can apply them yourself, at domestic, Nelson tells WebMD. But “there’s likely a likely a constrained part for single-extract [drops] within the U.S., as most Americans are unfavorably susceptible to different allergens,” he says.

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New Alzheimer’s Guidelines Stress Early Diagnosis

April 19, 2011 — Alzheimer’s infection ought to be analyzed early, some time recently a individual creates extreme, late-stage dementia, unused rules propose.

It’s been 27 a long time since rules for diagnosing Alzheimer’s infection were laid out. Since 1984, inquire about has appeared Alzheimer’s to be a infection that starts decades some time recently dementia shows up.

Presently boards from the National Organized on Maturing and the Alzheimer’s Affiliation have part Alzheimer’s malady into three stages:

Dementia, counting mental impedances not as extreme as those already required for an Alzheimer’s conclusion. Gentle cognitive disability due to Alzheimer’s malady. This modern category of Alzheimer’s illness incorporates patients with changes in memory and considering capacity that don’t keep them from performing regular capacities, but which unequivocally recommend that a quiet will create Alzheimer’s dementia. Preclinical Alzheimer’s infection. The modern rules recognize that the Alzheimer’s malady handle starts some time recently there are any side effects. But for presently, there aren’t great sufficient tests to tell whether a individual has this arrange of Alzheimer’s.

Maybe the greatest alter is the way specialists will analyze Alzheimer’s dementia, says Gary Kennedy, MD. Kennedy, a geriatric therapist who specializes in treating patients with Alzheimer’s malady at Montefiore Therapeutic Center in Unused York, was not a part of the guideline-writing committees.

“The genuine modern component here is you wish not have memory disability to have Alzheimer’s dementia. They are ratcheting down the dementia criteria,” Kennedy tells WebMD. “In the event that you’re having inconvenience making plans, have issues adjusting to changes in your environment, or have lapses that disable your social inclusion with others, you’ll have Alzheimer’s malady indeed on the off chance that your memory isn’t so awful.”

Determination of Early Alzheimer’s Infection

Too modern is that the rules accept it is conceivable to distinguish individuals with gentle cognitive impedance whose compounding indications likely reflect an early organize of Alzheimer’s illness.

The criteria for diagnosing mellow cognitive disability due to Alzheimer’s malady are:

Concern communicated by a quiet, family part, companion, or specialist, around a alter in mental work: particularly, memory, reasoning/problem fathoming, dialect capacity, visual/spatial aptitudes, or capacity to pay consideration. Objective prove, ordinarily test comes about, appearing that a understanding has one or more of these changes in mental function. The individual is still free and able to carry out regular capacities. The individual isn’t maniacal.

“‘Mild’ here implies you’re not socially disabled, but it does infer you know there’s a issue, and your family and companions take note a issue,” Kennedy says.

The problem, of course, is that numerous individuals with mild cognitive impedance deny there’s a issue.

“So the criteria require refinement,” Kennedy says. “Typically more of a temporary determination. That’s why the rules put an accentuation on biomarkers — signposts that dementia may be down the street.”

Biomarkers for Alzheimer’s Infection

Biomarkers are tests that distinguish a infection prepare. Cases are tests of cholesterol levels to foresee heart illness hazard or blood sugar tests to foresee diabetes.

Biomarkers are being created for Alzheimer’s illness, but the rules stretch that they are not however prepared for clinical use except in certain well-defined circumstances.

There are a few Alzheimer’s biomarkers being investigated, but two essential sorts are within the most progressed stages of improvement:

Cerebrospinal liquid (CSF) test. A protein called beta-amyloid starts <span class="words" data-synonyms="to accumulate;to construct up”>to construct up within the brain indeed within the early stages of Alzheimer’s malady. When this happens, beta-amyloid levels drop within the CSF. Tests of CSF, collected by a spinal tap, degree beta-amyloid levels. Imaging tests such as PET checks, SPECT perfusion imaging, and indeed MRI checks can distinguish beta-amyloid collection or markers of brain harm ordinary of Alzheimer’s infection.

The unused rules push that none of these tests have been completely approved which there are no cutoff levels that clearly recognize ordinary individuals from those who have Alzheimer’s.

All things considered, the rules recommend that for a few patients with gentle cognitive impedance suggestive of Alzheimer’s infection, biomarker tests “would influence levels of certainty within the determination.”

Treatment for Alzheimer’s Infection

There’s no remedy for Alzheimer’s illness, so why the accentuation on early location? Kennedy says the prior you identify conceivable Alzheimer’s, the more you’ll be able do around it.

“Ten a long time back we said there was no treatment for Alzheimer’s. That isn’t genuine presently,” he says. “We can’t remedy it, but similar to diabetes, we will delay the sickness and incapacity related with it. I advise patients to be forceful around eat less and work out, to require the drugs they require for other conditions, and to remain savvy people locked in.”

The modern Alzheimer’s rules show up within the April 19 online issue of Alzheimer’s & Dementia: The Diary of the Alzheimer’s Affiliation.

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