Listeria Fears Prompt Target, Fresh Market Recalls

July 22, 2019 — Archer Farms-brand egg salad, Bowman Farms-brand deviled egg sandwiches and Fresket-brand egg salad, fish salad and Thai lobster serving of mixed greens have been recalled over the Joined together States due to possible listeria contamination, Elevations Nourishments has declared.

The review is for the following items made on June 18, 2019.

Archer Farms-brand Egg Salad in a 12-ounce clear, square plastic container, Lot Number W1906042A, Use By 12AUG2019, UPC 085239018682. Archer Ranches Deviled Egg Sandwich Half Sandwich with Bacon, UPC 220505000002. Bowman Ranches Deviled Egg Sandwich on Multigrain, UPC 498780203566.

Fresket Egg Serving of mixed greens in a 32-ounce clear, square plastic holder, Lot Number W1906042, Use By 12AUG2019A. Fresket Fish Salad in a 5-pound white, round plastic holder, Part Number W1906054, Use By 02AUG2019A . Fresket Thai Lobster Salad in a 5-pound white, round plastic container, Parcel Number W1906041, Utilize By 02AUG2019A.

Buyers with the reviewed products ought to return them to the put of purchase for a full discount, and can call 866-761-9566 for more data, the company said.

Listeria infection can cause serious and in some cases deadly diseases in youthful children, slight or elderly people, and others with debilitated immune systems, and can cause miscarriages and stillbirths in pregnant ladies.

In sound people, listeria contamination can cause short-term symptoms such as tall fever, serious headache, solidness, sickness, abdominal pain and loose bowels.

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