One With Credit

MONDAY PUZZLE — Have you seen my credit card? I had it just a moment ago, and I could swear I put it back in my wallet.

We’ve all had those scares, but fortunately, Michael Black returns after a fairly long absence to help us find our cards. We just have to rifle through a few crossword entries to locate them.

Today’s Theme

Mr. Black offers us a set of three seemingly disparate theme entries and a revealer at 59A.

The revealer, CARD HOLDER (clued as “One with credit … or a literal hint to 17-, 27- and 44-Across”), hints that each of these three entries holds a credit card. I realized this at 44A, where it was easy to see the DISCOVER card in DISCO VERSION. We also have an American Express, or AMEX, card in OAXACA, MEXICO, and a Visa card in the title “ELVIS AND ME.”

This is a nice way to start our solving week, although I wonder if circling or shading the credit card name squares might have made this more of a Monday.

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